Intriors I

January 13, 2012

Vibram Shoe Sizes - and it is gone.
"I finally understand,
we have lost and we can not get enough of your things.
The hands firmly grip is the most precious
and now understand the precious nectar is in terms of winds, water and fantasy.
Vibram five have accompanied me - for a thousand years is enough.
I was gordon I should cherish my love."

  1. Vibram five - china's 100 most beautiful poem
    "comments: folk songs from the Han Dynasty.
    This is a love song, the hero from the oath of the words:
    Homoarakhan, love is still the same faithful, is a lovestruck shape on the warm love

    Heroes of the blade - in our poem call days oath, bluntly expressed, impossible
    objects to show their underlying love of life and death, affectionate whimsy never

  2. This puts emphasis on the hero, enduring love and life and death have to be added.
    -wide sigh come on, vibram five, do not live in western peace.

    Come on, Vibram Outlets, do not I believe in Xi.