On the other hand - by improving the efficiency to utilize the tool,

famous vehicles are arranged like hand-made goods as would an individual.

In fact, the "ness" is in placing a uniquely known famous vehicle familiar to Tokyo,

and in it is everyone - increasing. On the map of Tokyo alone, this time, I also made

about 50 such famous vehicles. Because you also made the vehicles of

our work, i have tried looking.

Spirit molding skin detox tea, porcelain, plastic - 2012

Inner-core neuro bliss, orchid, ice - 2012

3 Husks orange peals, broken car glass, oxidizing lithium metal - 2012

Radial Green Thoughts gloved painter's hand, nuero sun, orchids, broken car glass, plastic, lithium-ion battery - 2012

The Flexible White Thinker - 2012

Paint Brush grey water, plastic cup, paint brush, car paint mixture - 2012

Thinking Designer with a Disease center caps, car paint mixture, digital print - 2012

Aging Floral Arrangement orchid, plum, down comforter, spiri-con pendant, glass - 2012